August 20-21, 2013: Plant Variety Improvement for Organic Ag

In this two-day, intensive workshop specifically designed for farmers, join organic vegetable breeders, producers and researchers in learning about organic vegetable breeding and variety improvement. Presenters include Michael Mazourek (vegetable breeder, Cornell University), John Navazio (vegetable breeder, Organic Seed Alliance), and Jack Algiere (Four Seaon Farm Director, Stone Barns Center).


Each day will be a mix of classroom and field-based programing. Topics will include: Benefits of On-farm seed production and variety improvement, Reproductive Biology basics, self-pollinated vs. open pollinated crops, understanding genetic variation, and harvesting and cleaning seed crops. Concepts will be discussed in the classroom and illustrated in the fields.


Registration is $75.00 and includes breakfast and lunch and covers the full, two-day workshop. To register, click here.


Tuesday, August 20, 8 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday, August 21, 8 AM to 5 PM


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