2015 Young Farmers Conference Content

video-still_wiswallIf you missed the 2015 Young Farmers Conference – or if you were there and have been wondering about the workshops you missed – we created this page for you. Below you will find audio recordings and slideshows from many of the presentations. You can also find workshop descriptions and the full list of 2015 conference and pre-conference sessions here.

Conference Keynote: Mark Bittman with Jill Isenbarger – video



  • Biodynamic Agriculture (Steffen & Rachel Schneider) – audio
  • Community Scale Permaculture at D Acres of New Hampshire; A Case Study (Josh Trought) – audio
  • Crop Rotation (Jack Algiere) – video
  • Farming with Empathy (Jean-Paul Courtens) – audio
  • Fitting Green Manure Cover Crops Into Crop Rotation (Eero Ruuttila) – audio + slides
  • Go West Young Man (Seth Matlick) – audio
  • Growing and Marketing Cut Flowers (Shannon Algiere) – video
  • Healing Landscapes (Lindsay Napolitano & Johann Rinkens) – audio + slides
  • Hops and You (Eric Sannerud and Ben Boo) – audio
  • Intro to Soil Assessment (Bob Schindelbeck & Joseph Amsili) – audio + slides
  • Profitable Market Gardening (Jean-Martin Fortier and Maude-Hélène Desroches) – video
  • Seed Breeding (Jack Algiere, Michael Mazourek) – audio
  • Winter Growing Panel (Eliot Coleman, Jack Algiere, Brett Grohsgal) – audio
  • Woven Landscapes (Thomas Woltz) – audio



  • Animal Rotations (Craig Haney) – audio
  • Beekeeping 101 (Dan Carr) – audio
  • Necropsy for Farmers (Isabella Richards) – slides
  • Poultry Health and Nutrition (Jeff Mattocks) – audio + slides
  • Raising Meat Goats (Donald Arrant) – audio
  • Swine Nutrition and Management (Casey Rogers) – video



  • Find Your Farm (Timothy Biello & Marissa Codey) – slides
  • Understanding and Using Leases to Gain Access to Land (Laurie Ristino & Carrie Scrufari) – slides



  • Accounting for Farmers (Julia Shanks) – audio
  • Find Your Cost of Production and Profitability (Richard Wiswall) – audio
  • Know Your Supplier: A Panel Discussion on Farmers and Food Companies Working Toward Building a Locally Sourced Food System (Anna Castellani, Beth Forster, Ashley Mueller, Matthew Preston, Jim Brinkley, Jason Grauer) – video
  • Marketing Strategy That Works! (Matt LeRoux) – audio + slides
  • Alternative Land Access; Partnering with Investors (Keving Egolf, Timothy Biello, Holly Rippon-Butler) – slides



  • Farm Mechanization Tools for Increased Efficiency (Richard Wiswall) – video + slides



  • Case Study: Jered & Nancy Vail, Pie Ranchaudio
  • Returning on the Circling Wind (Alan Guebert) – audio
  • Creating Your Mission Driven Farm; Story Weaving from Soul Fire Farm (Leah Penniman & Jonah Vitale-Wolff) – audio + slides
  • What’s Policy Got To Do with Farming? (Eric Hansen & Juli Obudzinski) – slides